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Porter & Chester Student Reviews

In the United States, we have a very good community college system that often offers similar programs to the so-called “technical schools.” Take Auto Mechanics programs, for example. Springfield Technical Community College offers a full mechanic certification program, two semesters – 29 credits, as well as an Associate in Science Degree in Automotive Technology – 62 credits. Programs like these are designed to assist individuals wishing to develop marketable skills. The costs? Considerably less than Porter & Chester. These “technical schools” prey on people who are desperate to improve their lives...

Bottom line, you may want to check your community colleges first. Chances are you can find one in your state that offers automotive, CADD, computer networking, electrical / electronics, HVACR, admin health, dental assisting, medical assisting, practical nursing…all of the things that these expensive “career colleges” specialize in.

STCC Courses - http://catalog.stcc.edu/content.php?catoid=12&navoid=2790
* Certificate Program information is towards the bottom of the page.

USA directory - http://www.a2zcolleges.com/Comm/commusa.html




Student Review of Porter & Chester:  

PCI Course Material Poorly Organized, Classrooms Disruptive  <>

Student course material at Porter and Chester seems to have all kinds of errors. Power point presentations have spelling errors, grammar mistakes or poor word agreement, at times have missing information and are poorly out lined. Lab assignments have questions that do not relate to course material. The same problem occurs with various home work assignments, weekly quiz questions and on exams. Practical exams are less likely to have this problem because they are made by the instructors teaching the course.

For instance I had several labs this week that have questions. The questions for these labs that were due this week have more to do with what we are learning in the next coming week. Wrong planet kind of thing.

Finally the class rooms. I have seen it all in these class rooms. Many of the students have no education and take a lot of extra instructor time. Some are just lazy and laid back. Others are very disruptive and also lazy. They never do home work, are constantly violating rules that force instructors to stop lectures, come in late, ask questions that have nothing to do with the course, get up in the middle of lectures to show instructors something on “YouTube” for instance, walk up to the board in the middle of class and point things out because they are unable to articulate what they are saying. Sorry to say the list goes on. Many of the students have no idea on how to be a student.

Needless to say, there is no order in the class rooms. HVACR is a very technical course. You really need to use your noodle. So class room behavior shouldn’t interfere with one’s ability to think.

If you’re interested in HVACR I strongly suggest the evening programs or on-line courses instead. If you have lived in Massachusetts for long you know that Worcester is the arm pit of this state.

So maybe its just Worcester. I can’t really speak for the rest of the schools associated or affiliated with PCI.

Don’t bother with the ghetto school in Worcester you will find yourself frustrated by hoodlums or more appropriate called class clowns. <more>

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Instructor's Review of Porter & Chester  


They do not care about their employees, bottom line. The CEO, Jim Bologa, spends only the very least he can on everything from employee benefits to paper clips. Students are not getting what they are borrowing thousands to get. The only thing this company cares about is the profit margin and they do not care what they have to do to employees or students to get that profit. It is shameful.

Advice to Management:

You cannot cut your way to profitability. Stop sacrificing student and employees to look good to the board of directors. This company is heading to financial ruin. <more>